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    Life milestones aren't easily achieved but Sinai University will prepare you to establish yours.

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    SU believes that college days should be a journey to enjoy and remember.



Activity is an essential part in the learning process

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Arish Fun day

Magnificent time all our students had in such amazing fun day that was held in Arish campus for 3 consecutive days accompanied with an employment […]


SU Summer in London

Stafford House Stafford House International is a group of English language schools that offer courses for general, academic and professional purposes. Their mission is to educate, [...]


SU Cup

Congratulations for Arish team for winning the SU Cup last night which was held in Cairo stadium and hard luck for kantara team and remember […]


Important Announcement

Supreme Council of Universities decree

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  • Story of achievement in USA

    Mohamed Hamed El-Buyomay speech First of all, thanks for everyone who will read this story, hoping it will helpful to all of you.My name is Mohamed Hamed El-Buyomay or MO as they call me in the United States of America. I was born in Egypt December 1990.I'm an Egyptian American citizenship. My journey in the medical field came back in 2008 when I decided to be a pharmacist and joined Sinai University ‘Faculty of pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries’.After hard time five years of studying the pharmaceutical science I graduated in June 2013, it was the beginning of achieving my dream which was becoming a pharmacist in the United States of America.In November 2013 it

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  • Achievements “You can reach your goal”

    Mahmoud Speech to the SU students Enrolled in university in 2007 and graduated in 2012 with GPA 3.2.Have you determined what you want to do after you gradate? …Determining your life goal and working on it constantly before you graduate is crucial so that you won’t get a reality shock once you graduate and start your career path.Set your goals based on what you want to do and not on the “trend” what people always do, be unique.Before you graduate, it’s important to do your utmost effort to gain experience in different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry or any other industry you are craving to work in which will consequently enable you to determine what you wan

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