Achievements “You can reach your goal”

Mahmoud Speech to the SU students


Enrolled in university in 2007 and graduated in 2012 with GPA 3.2.

Have you determined what you want to do after you gradate? …

Determining your life goal and working on it constantly before you graduate is crucial so that you won’t get a reality shock once you graduate and start your career path.

Set your goals based on what you want to do and not on the “trend” what people always do, be unique.

Before you graduate, it’s important to do your utmost effort to gain experience in different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry or any other industry you are craving to work in which will consequently enable you to determine what you want to do after graduation.

Furthermore, taking the initiative for using the internet for self-development is paramount to succeed in this new era.


Skills Enhancement:

After every experience you go through, you’ll start to realize your goals better changing from vague to clear, for instance after several months in my small career experience I discovered that I am pretty good at the sales and marketing field, so I enrolled in sales management course online and then to Harvard marketing course online.

After gaining experience through the former mentioned courses, I had a great opportunity to work in Covidien, which is one of the leaders in the medical device industry.

I had the chance to work in sutures and mesh line field which required studying general surgery, this was supported by the company as well my determination to obtain knowledge to improve my skills.


The Move:

Experiencing numerous types of surgeries, I determined that I need to work through orthopedic surgery. I found my way and started a career at Zimmer, one of the biggest providers of orthopedic medical devices, where I was specialized in joint reconstruction.

During my time at Zimmer, I moved from the sales team to surgical support team. This was a big move for me and I would not have reached this position if I didn’t have a good medical background in anatomy, histology, physiology, and of course the knowledge obtained from my pharmaceutical degree. Furthermore, my strong background in sales and marketing helped me in achieving this.


Currently, I’m aboard working for another world-class provider of orthopedic medical devices. All thanks are to god, I now have career path that enables me to gain not only medical experience but life experience as well through engaging with different types of people that enriches my exposure to the world. At the end of the day, to achieve success, it’s important not only to excel in academics but you have to be goal-oriented and build a foundation for yourself to reach your dreams.

At the end, I am hoping for all of you to reach your life endeavors and always be positive.

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