The academic system in the university follows the credit hours system, so that the graduation in each faculty is granted upon the completion of legal unit studies known by credit hour. For instance in the faculty of Pharmacy, the student acquires the Bachelor of Science degree once accomplished 192 credit hours, as deemed a minimum requirement for graduation. Each subject is in need of defined teaching hours per week within the semester.
On theory credit hour is taught one hour per week during one semester whereas one practicing credit hour is taught two or three hours per week.

The academic year in the university contains two semesters of sixteen weeks each. The first semester is named the fall semester that usually begins in mid September. The second is named the spring which begins in mid February.

The language of Instruction
English is the language of instruction all colleges.

Ranges from 12 credit hours at least and 21 at most for regular students. Regular students can pay the fees in full if he/she has a 12 hours registration or more in a semester. Accordingly, a student who withdraws from any course cannot refund the fees paid as long as his registered hours exceed 12.

In case a student registers less than 12 hours, the tuition fees are to be estimated according to the registered hours as per the value of the credit hours .Students who obtain a GPA of 1.49 or less may not register more than 15 credit hours in the Colleges of Business Administration and International Marketing , Information Technology and computer science . As for the other colleges, they may register 18 hours so that they can raise their GPA .

The registration department issues a registration guide at the beginning of each semester. This guide shows the procedures and rules of registration, adding or dropping subject. According to the academic year calendar, Student who fails this condition cannot attend classes regularly. Further, any amendment in registration should be made using the (add and drop) form.

During the first two weeks of the semester, and after consulting and getting permission from his/her academic advisor, a student is allowed to add and drop any course provided that they don’t exceed the maximum credit hours allowed.

An academic advisor is assigned for each student to guide and instruct and solve their problems during study. Students should consult their academic advisors before registration and get their approval. The advisor, however, has to keep a file for each student that contains copies of their grades, ID, add and drop and withdrawal, if any.

A student must attend the lectures and lab sections to make full use of them. A student is not allowed to be absent in more than 25% of the hours assigned to each course. If they exceed this limit they will be banned from the final exam and will automatically receive a failing “F” grade.

In case a student faces unexpected conditions that prevent him from setting for the final exams. Such as sudden illness or emergent condition, then they have to file a petition to the college dean to reckon this course as Incomplete. In this case he should be examined by the university medical council to specify how dangerous the case is. In this case the student takes the final exam of this course at the time to be fixed by the college on condition that the deadline for it would be before the next semester, taking into consideration that the student’s written and lab marks in a semester are registered as it is.
If the student fails to set for the exam in his course in the period specified above. He will have an “f”.

Each student in his college should define the major he wants to study in the following dates:
· Students of engineering and Information technology and computer science before the registration of the third semester.
· Students of the faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing before the registration of the fifth semester.

Change of major:
The student who wants to change his major and join a new department should get the approval of the chief of department and the signature of the faculty Dean, and should abide by the curriculum of study in the new department. Courses he already passed are to be counted if conforming with the new curriculum.

If a student doesn’t register in one semester. He would be considered having made interruption in his study with excuse . he can re-register . but he has fill petition.