Board of Trustees in Brief

SU Board of Trustees seeks to bolster and strengthen the SU Administration in multiple directions, serving as a bridge between the university and the outside world; on one hand, introducing the university to the world, and on the other side striving to bring in different expertise and capacities from outside the university.

SU Board of Trustees also has a leading role in the identification and development of financial resources. It closely monitors the university’s relations with other scientific institutions, private sector, government agencies and mass media.

Toward such end, the SU Board of Trustees stipulates the allocation of long-term resources and decision-making in the context of the needs and expectations of both the university and community.

Additionally, the SU Board of Trustees is responsible for maintaining the capability of the university to carry out its mission for present and future generations. SU Board members play a key role through the activation of the supervisory role and providing support with regards to the large-scale and strategic goals of the university as well as enriching its financial resources , materials and promoting the University at local, regional, and international levels.

SU Board of Trustees is committed to increasing the opportunities for new resources to keep the progress pace of the university. It should be also noted that a large part of the SU Board of Trustees’ work is done through its standing committees of its General Secretariat which handle work matters in coordination with the SU Administration in an integrated system where committees report to Chairman of the Board of Trustees during session.

The SU Board of Trustees realizes that daily management of the University rests in the capable hands of the university president, vice president, secretary general, deans, and professors. Therefore; the SU Board of Trustees is entrusted with the nomination of the President of the University and participates in the selection of faculty members, senior management and monitors the budget and protects University property.

Ultimately, the SU Board of Trustees reiterates sound vision to ensure the ongoing academic mobility and scientific research and communal participation of Sinai University in compliance with international standards governing the education system.