The German company Simon-Kucher & Partners

This is a global firm with 260 associates and annual turnover of more than 53$ million.

SKP provides its services through offices in Bonn, Munich, Boston, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Milan, Zurich, London, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo. SKP specializes in corporate strategy and marketing. This is regarded as the world’s leading pricing adviser. It employs highly sophisticated methodologies that combine quantitative evidence such as: internal data analysis and research to verify and optimize pricing decisions. Sinai University has signed an agreement with this German company to support the Faculty of Business Administration and International Marketing.


 Aalborg Company Denemark

Aalborg Portland Group which owns the trademark of Aalborg white, Aalborg Portland, Unicon, is leading Danish Company in the field of Cement Production all over the world.

Aalborg Company Denmark is the strategic partner with Dr. Hassan Rateb, The Chairman of Sinai White Portland Cement Company.


 Vicat Company France

Vicat Group located in eight countries, manufactures cement, and produces ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. It conducts other activities that are parallel or supplementary to its core operations. In 1817, Louis Vicat discovered artificial cement. His son, Joseph created the Vicat Company in 1853. The Group continues expanding with President Jacques Merceron-Vicat. The company is listed on Paris stock exchange. Vicat Group is the strategic partner with Dr. Hassan Rateb, The Chairman of Sama Group through Sinai Cement Company.

Thus, Vicat Group has signed an agreement to support the Faculty of Engineering at Sinai University. According to this agreement, students will be trained abroad in France.


The German company Engcotec

Engcotec was founded in 1987 by Engineer Dr. Samak. Today, after more than two decades of international experience, Engcotec has built up a successful and solid business around PV systems.

The company’s focus is the design, manufacture and execution of projects in the field of renewable energy, (especially in solar energy), PV technology systems, and the use of solar energy in developing countries as means of enhancing the country’s development. Engcotec’s philosophy is to combine technical expertise with a high level of personal service.

The Engcotec label is a guarantee for quality, reliability, and value for money.

Sinai University has signed an agreement with this company to support the Faculty of Energy and Mining Technology.