Board of Trustees Members


Dr.Hasan Kamel Rateb
Chairman of Board of Trustees.

Brig.Abdelftah Harhour
North Sinai Governor

Eng.Abdelkader Abdelhalem Abdelkader

Ambassador. Abdelraouf Elreidy
Former Egyptian Ambassador in USA

Chancellor . Adly Husein
Former Governor of Al-Qalubiyah

Dr. Ali Elsaman
President of the International Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education (ADIC)

Dr. Amro Ezzat Salama
Former Minister of Higher Education.

Eng. Esam Zahran
Assistant Chairman of Directors Board of Sinai Cement Company

Shaykh Hasan Khalaf
Chief of Sinai Mujahideen

Dr. Hassan Sherif
SU Vice President for Foreign Relations

Prof. Hatem Mostafa El-bolok
Sinai University President

Dr. Hosam Badrawy
Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Head of Badrawi Hospital Group

Prof. Isamil Abdegaliel
Former Head of Desert Research Center

Mr. Mahmoud Hasan Rateb
Vice Chairman of SU Boards of Trustees

Prof. Mahmoud Sherif
Former Local Development Minister & Former Sinai University President

Brig. Mohamed Abdelfadil Shusha
Former South Sinai Governor

Dr. Ola Ragab
Head of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Department and Cairo University President Adviser

Prof. Osama Kamel Rateb
SU Vice President for Education and Students Affairs

Ms. Radwa Hasan Rateb
Member of Directors Board of Sama Company for Urban Development

Ms. Rehab Hasan Rateb
Member of Directors Board of Sinai Cement Company

Mr. Wafik Kamel Rateb
Delegated Member of Sama Sinai for Investment

Brig.Yassein Taher
Ismalia Governor

Chancellor Yehia Abdelmegid
Former Minister of State for Shura Council Affairs