Egyptian Students

1- Original certificates of qualification and birth
2- Six recent photographs
3- A photocopy of student ID
4- Military Form 2 (Namuzaj 2 Jund) for males under 19 years old
5- Military service certificate (Namuzaj 6 Jund) for males over 19 years old.

International students

1. Original certificates of qualification and birth attested by the State Department and the Egyptian Embassy.
2. Six recent photographs
3. A photocopy of student passport
4. A letter of approval from the cultural attaché (for KSA – Kuwait – UAE – Jordan)
5. Students with KSA secondary stage certificates starting from 2008/2009 need to enclose original certificates of the second and third secondary years attested by the Saudi State Department and the Egyptian embassy in addition to the Special ability test certificate.
6. Photocopies are not acceptable

For Transfer Students:

Sinai University accepts transfer students under the following stipulations:

1- Students should be transferring from a parallel faculty with at least 40% of credit hours needed for graduation and a minimum of two academic years.
2- A transferee is not expelled from the original faculty.
3- A transferee’s grade should not be less that pass or a CGPA of 2.0.
4- A transferee should present a certificate of good conduct from original faculty.
5- A transferee should not be enrolled in any private or state universities in or outside Egypt.

    The following conditions also apply:

Transfer students within ARE
1. The same aforementioned documents for Egyptian or international students.
2. A statement from the students’ university to indicate their status and military service.
3. An original transcript sealed by the Ministry of Higher Education and a withdrawal form from the university.
4. For state university transfers, a student should not have depleted their flunk times or expelled for any reasons.

Transfer students outside ARE
1. The same aforementioned documents for Egyptian or international students.
2. All original documents must be attested by the issuing authority and the Egyptian embassy as well as a letter of recognition from the cultural attaché stating that the University of Origin is recognized within the country of origin.

         Special requirements for international certificates General rules:
             – Students with international secondary certificates need to pass tests of Arabic, Religion, and Civics prior to admission.

 For US High School Diploma:

1- Students should pass eight subjects worth of a complete unit in line with the admission requirements of each faculty.
2- Students should pas SAT1 according to stipulation by the Council of private universities.
3- Students with High School Diploma from ARE need to get their certificates attested by their school, international accreditation agency, the Ministry of Education, and the Egyptian Cultural Attaché in Washington DC with the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades.
4- Students with High School Diploma from Arab countries need to enclose the original transcripts of 10th, 11th, and 12th grades attested by the Egyptian embassy and the AMIDEAST.
5- The original SAT certificate attested by the AMIDEAST.
6- The original cardboard certificate attested by the cultural attaché in Washington DC
7- The original certificate of Egyptian Prep stage or the completion of twelve years of study attested by the Egyptian embassy.