• Triggering graduates’ spirit for national awareness towards their country.
  • Employing international level staff and providing the creative environment for research and community services.
  • Setting up research centers that serve the industrial sector and attract researchers all over the world.
  • Importing and applying advanced technology.
  • Activating scientific, cultural exchange to facilitate in our contribution in Sinai society development.
  • Encouraging and sponsoring cultural, artistic and sports activities.

Action Plan:

  • Having modern majors related to the development needs in Egypt in general and Sinai in particular.
  • Developing education on international quality standards and Hi-technology.
  • Establishing scientific partnership with international universities to prepare research programs.
  • Creating training chances for the students in companies and factories.
  • Providing student cultural, technical and sports programs.
  • Maintaining academic follow up, social and psychological care for the students.
  • Keeping Student Exchange Program and training scholarships for students abroad during summer.
  • Employing full time brilliant professors to interact with students and providing direct contact with the world through scholarships and academic exchange.
  • Signing cooperation agreements with Arabic and European universities in the field of education and research.
  • Building High tech research centers where the staff and the students carry out development researches for the region to be able to compete on the international level.
  • Focusing on scientific and cultural activities and local, international and regional conferences aiming at introducing Sinai to the international community.
  •  Providing constant interaction between students and faculty on one hand and the university administration with society and the international community on the other hand within the culture of peace, love, tolerance, and productive knowledge exchange.