Tuition fees

Arish Tuition fees

FacultyEgyptian Student (EGP)  Egyptian Student (EGP)International Student (USD)International Student (USD)
Fall 2016Spring 2017Fall 2016Spring 2017
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Industries24,12024,1203,3153,300
Engineering Science19,00019,0002,7502,750
Mass communication Technology 10,00010,0001,4001,400
Business management and International marketing10,00010,0001,4001,400
Information Technology and Computer Science11,87511,8751,6501,650


* Administrative fees  for Egyptian students is 2500 Egyptian pounds while for Non-Egyptian students it will be considered as 350 $.

* Registration fees for Egyptian pounds is 2500 Egyptian pounds while for Non-Egyptian students it will be considered as 350 $.

*Insurance fees for the labs for Egyptian students is 1500 Egyptian pounds and for Non-Egyptian students is 200 $ (Noting that faculty of Business management and international marketing is not included in such insurance).

*Registration and administrative fees paid annually simultaneously with the payment of the first semester for each year, while the insurance fees is paid only once in the first semester of applying in Sinai University and will be recovered after graduation or in case of withdrawal.


Transportation fees per semester – Arish Campus – Weekly transportation – Foreigner students are charged with US dollars

CairoMansoraTantaMahlaShebeyn elkomDamiettaZagazigIsmailiaPort-SaidArish (Internal)
280 $300$310$310$310$300$280$270$280$110$


Tuition fees Installment by Bank Misr “Education murabha”:

As Sinai University is always trying to facilitate our students life, Now its available for the University Students to pay the education expenses through installments via “education murabha program” offered by Bank Misr El_Arish branch “Islamic transaction”

*Target customers
-Payroll employees government.
-Payroll employees with proof income.
-Secure education murabha.

*General conditions
-Minimum age 21 years and maximum age 60 years except for secured murabha for employees.
-Maximum time for murabha 12 month.

*Additional features
-Insurance policy against the risk of death and total disability.
-A competitive rate of return.

For any inquires please do not hesitate to contact

Mr./Mahmoud Mohamed AbdElAziz