What is SULMS

What is SULMS?

SU Learning Management System (LMS) is a learning tool that will assist the students in acquiring their courses and lectures more easily and with high mobility advantage.

Dates of activation

SULMS will be activated for Qantara courses starting from 10/03/2018.
SULMS will be activated for Arish courses starting from 24/03/2018.

Activation Process

An email will be sent to every student with a link to the SULMS, a video will be interpreting how to log in and how to use the SULMS services.

What will you find in your SULMS?


  • Lectures will be uploaded weekly according to the lecturing schedule on SULMS.
  • Lectures will be presented in Recorded videos & Audios.
  • PowerPoint handouts will be available for every lecture.


All assignments will be available on your SULMS and you can do your assignments and upload them easily.
Your professors will check out your assignments and send you their feed backs.


Professors will upload the regular scheduled quizzes on your SULMS, you can undertake your quizzes and your professor will send you the feedback.

Live Chat:

Students will be able to chat with their professors and Teacher Assistances in a previously scheduled time slots.
The Live chatting tool will make you able to ask your professors all needed questions regarding you courses, assignments, quizzes, ……..


Your attendance is a very important issue in your credit hours, in SULMS you will be able to present your attendance for the courses one by one and it will be recorded for you.
The student will have to record his attendance by himself for every course.