There are no limits to our ambitions and our goal is to make SU an open invitation to peace and a center for academic excellence hence leading a massive developmental movement to Sinai and effectively achieving our National Project’s goal; to relocate three million Egyptians into a whole new dawn of civilization in Sinai by the year 2017.

Sinai University shall fulfill its role in achieving balance to the other side of the equation; the human factor- building the type of graduate that opens up to the latest scientific trends yet maintains their roots and traditions.

Sinai’s treasures of raw material and vast fertile land- combined with its geographical ingenuity as a global trading center in the heart of the Middle East and overlooking the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal lure numerous scientists to attempt create a tremendous industrial and agricultural revolution.

Sinai that has witnessed, since the dawn of history, only the wheels of wars and the weapons of destruction, is in dire need for a development engine to contribute to reformulating and restructuring life upon this virgin land. Sinai University has emerged, with its own distinguished and specialized nature that made it different in its perception and profile from the traditional academic concepts and policies.

Universities have critical and essential role in national history. California State knew the development path only through a university; Alborg University was the seed for an evolution which enabled such a small spot at the far south of Denmark to be one of those big industrial cities among developed countries.